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Abdeen Square's Um Kalthoum Mural

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Om Kalthoum, also known as the Star of the East, Voice of Egypt and Egypt's Fourth Pyramid is a national icon. Her striking and mesmerising voice can be heard throughout cafes, taxis and homes throughout Egypt, still now many years after her passing. For those not lucky enough to have yet heard her sing yet, the video below is a great example of one of her classics.

Fitting of such a legend, I was glad to see this mural pop up on the side of Abdeen Square, in front of Abdeen Palace and Abdeen Square Park. Um Kalthoum was a serious bad ass with impecible style, very much associated with her iconic killer glasses, and this mural really brings this across. There's also a good pharonic mural next to it for those looking to get some more great Instagram shots.

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