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Some Seriously Good Seafood at Al Kastan (& Pelicans)

Alexandrians may hate me for saying this, but Port Said may be the best place in Egypt for seafood...

To argue this point, I present Port Said's Al Kastan. With decent prices and exceptional flavours, Al Kastan is well worth going to if you're planning on having a fish meal in Port Said. The fish selection is wide, not to mention incredibly well cooked, and you can even select your own fish, even live ones from fish tanks if you wish.

Situated on the second floor of a building facing the Mediterranean and the beach, Al Kastan is a pretty well-respected restaurant with many loyal customers. One of them is my wife's father who insisted that we go on our trip to Port Said. My wife and her family had been there many times before on family holidays, and I now see why they go every time they're in Port Said.

Another perk of Al Kastan is its location. If you feel a little guilty after consuming tons of delicious, albeit calorific, seafood; you can take a stroll along the beach to help burn off a few of the calories and to help digest the food.

Additionally, the staff are also very good and accommodating, and importantly the toilets were spotless. PS: the restaurant also has a great fish-related mural on its stairway that is worth a look and resident pelicans to help get rid of the left-overs!

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