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Alexandria's Beach Cafes

Seaside-view restaurants and cafes are usually at a premium, but not these ones. Along the corniche, just before the Greek Club and Citadel of Qaitbay, is a small and beautiful stretch of beach. In this small 100-metre stretch open to the public, there are beautiful handpainted fishing boats moored up on the beach, families at all hours of the day having picnics, ice creams and a dip in the ocean, and also a fantastic set of cafes on the beach.

There's nothing fancy here. Just plastic garden chairs on the beach and a small stove for coffee and tea, but it's all you need with such an impressive view.

The corniche, in addition to seafood restaurants, also has a huge selection of carts selling different types of street food, so grab a snack or a meal and grab a table at one of the cafe.

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