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Egypt's Central Perk

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Hidden away in Port Said and Port Fouad is a bit of unbeatable 90s nostalgia not to be missed. Central Perk is a must for all Friends fans. Modelled on the cafe from Friends to the very last detail, they have the unmistakable yellow sofa, green loungers, wall art, and even the exact same iron-legged tables.

The worldwide influence of Friends is quite spectacular and visitors to Central Perk from around Egypt are hardcore. There are a few TVs on the walls playing episodes and you can prove your fandom by saying the punchlines before they come.

Their coffee is unmistakably American (an issue for many Europeans like myself, but great for those who like Starbucks), as too are their cakes, which are as delicious as they are calorific. All in all, the food and drinks were great and left us suitably satisfied and caffeinated.

I'm a big fan of themed Egyptian restaurants and cafes, be they the Game of Thrones cafe in Maadi or the jungle-themed cafe in Downtown, but Central Perk is definitely my favourite. It's a place worth coming for the novelty, but also worth staying for atmosphere, food and drinks.

Thanks to Egypt's laissez-faire approach to trademark enforcement, a place like Central Perk is possible. May this continue, and I look forward to what else Egyptian creativity will bring us in the coming years.

So, if you're planning a trip to Port Said, be sure to drop in for a coffee at Central Perk! There's a Central Perk in Port Said and one over the Suez Canal in Port Fouad. You can find them in the maps below and on their Facebook.

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1 Comment

Maisa Ahmed
Maisa Ahmed
Jul 19, 2020

am sooo jealous right now!! wanna goooo!!!

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