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Escaping The Metropolis To Villa Belle Époque

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

As the summer heat starts to build and the bustle of Cairo starts to wear you down, the prospect of temporarily escaping the metropolis seems ever more appealing. Many Cairenes head north to the Mediterranean or east to the Red Sea, but what to do if you haven't got the time? What to do for a one-day staycation?

Maadi's Villa Belle Époque answers this question and answers it well. A day sun-bathing, swimming in the beautiful garden, and eating great food is just what the doctor ordered.

Having heard stories about the place for a while, and seen a few pictures online, on one scorchingly hot week, Miriam and I gave in and reserved a place for the coming Friday. We grabbed a taxi from Downtown to the leafy suburb of Maadi. Once we arrived at the place, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the pictures we had seen weren't too far from the truth. The garden and pool are beautiful, and help you forget your busy week at once.

After a few gentle laps of the pool shaded by the abundant greenery above, we ordered some food. The menu had a mix of European and Middle Eastern dishes, and there were plenty of things I was keen to try. I settled for a smoked salmon Benedict, along with a coffee and orange juice, and was not disappointed. A tad expensive, but the food was delicious.

As the day went by, and the sun began to settle, we folded up our towels and took a shower in our room before heading back home. Although we hadn't really left Cairo and had only travelled 15 kilometres from our home, we finished the day really thinking that we had gone on a small holiday, and were refreshed and ready to start the next week.

If you're tempted, you can check out Villa Belle Époque on


or on their



Things to note:

Villa Belle Époque is technically a hotel, and so to use the pool, you have to book a room for the day. Although pricey, for special occasions and the occasional getaway, it's well worth it.

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