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Celluloid Memories: Old Film Posters in Downtown Cairo

Egypt is famous for its cinema, and it's a point of pride for many. Even young Egyptians have an intimate knowledge of the classics of Egyptian cinema, continually squeezing jokes from films into every conversation. At the peak of Egyptian cinema in the 50s and 60s, Downtown Cairo was the hub of the industry. The area is still stuffed with retro cinemas from this era, many of which have amazing facades. In addition to the beautiful old cinemas, another part of Egypt's film legacy can be found in Downtown, assuming you keep an eye out for it. These are the last few remaining film posters left over from decades past, to be found hidden between shop fronts and other forgotten pieces of wall. Due to a dry climate and lack of rain, film posters put on walls decades ago have miraculously survived. Although few and far between, it is always a joy to come across the old posters in Downtown, a reminder of a bygone age. Next time you find yourself walking through a Downtown, keep an eye out!

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