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The Real Yacoubian Building

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Alaa Al Aswany's classic novel The Yacoubian Building is an Egyptian classic and a great commentary on Cairo and Egypt. For many who have never visited Cairo, our idea of the place has been created by this wonderful book. As such, many visit Cairo because of the book, with a wish to see the city in real life, and the book's famous locations.

However, the film adaptation falsely depicts a building on Talaat Harb Square as the Yacoubian Building. The real building is just up the road, and while not as beautiful from the outside, has an impressive N.YACOUBIAN sign inside the entrance. (Below is the film location on the left and the real building on the right.)

(Source: Wikipedia Commons) Go through the door between the two clothes shops and peer up at the doorway now behind you for the sign. It's a private and residential building, so be careful and considerate if you pop in to snap a picture of the sign!

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