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Cafe Abbas

If you're looking for a good simple cafe in downtown Port Said, Cafe Abbas is your place. Situated at the base of one of the classic balconied buildings, which Port Said is famous for, Cafe Abbas is a classy revamp of a classic ahwa. The cafe has some tables and seats next to the sidewalk, giving you a great place to sip on a coffee or tea and soak in the atmosphere of Port Said. There is also a fantastic Arabesque interior that is air conditioned for those summer months.

Cafe Abbas offers a wide-ish drinks menu that is attentive to more international tastes, but importantly, it also does a good Turkish coffee. The staple of any decent cafe in Egypt. It also has shisha and a pretty decent array of flavours.

And if you're looking for breakfast, when we visited the cafe, after asking the attentive and helpful staff, we got a few tameya sandwiches from the nearby cart and ate them with our coffees to start the day.

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