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The 139 Pavilion at the MENA House: The Only Relaxing Way To Do The Pyramids

The Great Pyramids of Giza truly are incredible, but so too, exhausting. Amid the heat, lack of facilities and badgering offers of camel rides, the idea of being able to lounge out in the shade with some great food, coffee, or even a cold beer is irresistible. Luckily, the beautiful and historical MENA House hotel provides such a place for you to visit before or after a trip to the pyramids, or even to just visit from afar for those without the time or energy that a proper trip to the pyramids deserves.

The 139 Pavilion serves a pretty eclectic menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for guests and non-guests in a beautiful garden with an unbeatable view of the pyramids. Its situated opposite to the main historic part of the hotel, originally built in 1869 as a hunting lodge for Khedive Isma'il Pasha, then ruler of Egypt, known for his lavish taste, which is likewise worth having a look around. The restaurant itself is a recent addition, which I myself find quite attractive, and the toilet also looks like a Bond villain lair, so don't miss that!

In its own right, the MENA House is a fantastic hotel and has a fascinating history, which I'll be writing an article about soon, but its a pretty pricey place beyond the scope of a lot of us. In addition, its location, while perfect for regular visits to the pyramids and as a great backdrop for meals, is on the edge of Cairo and is not the best place to stay if you're here for a while and interested in seeing all that Cairo has to offer. However, a visit to the restaurant is a great way to get to enjoy this fantastic hotel without staying there and offers the possibility of making any visit to the pyramids a lot more of a relaxing affair, or a perfect date-night spot for. a romantic nighttime meal..

You can find the location below and more information and menu here, and be sure to call ahead incase the venue has been booked for a wedding or other function.

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